about us

a team approach to property management

Montage Community Services is a privately owned management company. We believe in customer service, accountability for our actions and to our clients needs. We believe that every member of the community deserves to be heard, their questions answered and effectively communicated to the Board of Directors for response. We believe that every community is unique and special. We do not make your community fit into a mold, we mold our management to your community. 

What makes us different and better than all the other management firms out there? To us you are not just another association to add to our portfolio, you are a part of the family. We want to provide unequaled management to your community. We believe that a properly informed board and community are avenues for success. How do we accomplish that?

Board Education 

• Taking the proper steps together to ensure that the Board is properly structured, meaning that all board members know their roles and the true meaning of fiduciary duty to their community.

•Educate the board members on the current State and Federal laws that govern associations, as well as insights into changing industry trends that could contribute to the association’s success.

•Manage and educate boards on their governing documents.

•Discuss different opinions on how they are interpreted, and what is best for the overall benefit of the community.

Financial aspects of the community

•This is the one area that causes the biggest problems across the board. Most boards and homeowners do not honestly understand their financials and the future fiduciary duties they are enthralled with. We encourage all boards to get a reserve study. What is a reserve study you might ask: A reserve study is a study of all the components that the association owns and what their useful life is verses the replacement value. Without this an association can’t effectively manage the money for its association. This a great asset for future budgeting and replacement of common area elements. Your community is going to be around a lot longer than most homeowners and if it is properly managed your property values will only increase exponentially into the future.

We believe that these 3 key items, if adhered too, can make every association run smoothly, effectively and offer the best possible outcome for your future.

Montage Community Services brings to you over 17 years of community management experience and 10 years of professional security knowledge. We have formed this company simply because we were tired of having to conform to management styles we didn’t believe in. We are a hands on organization with the experience to locate hard to find solutions to save your community’s money. We also bring proven ideas to your community and community projects by working hand in hand with difficult owners, as well as training boards to work together with their homeowners meanwhile bringing your association back to being a community.

Are you a self- managed community? We believe that communities have the full right to self-manage. Sometimes things come up and you need the advice of a professional but do not want to pay the high price of an attorney. We provide experienced guidance to self-managed communities. We can help you ensure that all your documents are in compliance with State and Federal regulations. We can help with deed restrictions, financials, community projects, sending out newsletters and communication to your community. We can itemize/customize the services that you need. 

We believe in community associations.

We believe that if a community association is properly managed it is a happy place to call home.

We specialize in single family community associations.

We would like to meet with your community and discuss further how we can be a benefit your community. 


bringing COMMUNITIES home


real-time access to accounts

custom service for your needs

real-time access to accounts

 Our interface technology with the community is user-friendly and can be customized for your community's specific needs. Homeowners have a real time access to their accounts and the community's governing documents, notices and events through easy navigable portals. 


community goal setting

custom service for your needs

real-time access to accounts

  It is our pleasure to work with each community to identify your community goals, long term maintenance projects and to make your community a proud place to call home.  


custom service for your needs

custom service for your needs

custom service for your needs

   Community Associations can be a complex business and our knowledgeable staff will work with you to customize services that meet your needs. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.