MCS maintains a friendly, knowledgeable staff that is accessible to homeowners. During business hours, phone calls are answered by a live person, not a computer. We promptly follow up on problems and requests and aim to maintain an open line of communication with board members and homeowners alike. It is our company policy that all phone calls and emails are returned by the end of the business day.

We are proud to offer the very best services in Community Management. Please read about our services below. If you ever have any further questions, we are always available via e-mail or at  281-232-7659.


Your manager will facilitate the day to day activities of the community based on the Board’s desires. Your manager will be available to communicate with homeowners via email, telephone, and fax or in person to ensure that their issue or concern is addressed promptly. Your manager will be in attendance at meetings to report the status of ongoing projects and to record meeting minutes.

budgeting simplified

MCS offers an “ALL Inclusive” package that enables associations to more accurately budget for management services. “All Inclusive” meaning copies, postage, faxes, violation letters, property inspections, meetings, storage and much more are already incorporated into one monthly management fee. 

Your association pays a set amount for management each month instead of having to guess how many pieces of mail, how many copies, etc. you will be paying for. We don’t agree with Associations being “Nickel and Dimed” for every little thing. We make budgeting SIMPLE!


Monthly compliance inspections are completed with picture documentation of violations. Letters are sent to homeowners in violation and hearings are scheduled as necessary.


Financials are timely and accurate, association bills are paid on time and collection of assessments are actively and uniformly pursued.

meeting services

•Draft notices and agendas for Board meetings

•Draft notices, agendas and coordinate the ballot and election process for Annual meetings

•Draft notices and agendas for any special meetings

•Attend all Board/Annual meetings

•Prepare minutes of all Board/Annual meetings and deliver within stated timeframes

•Provide reports to Board members when required or requested

•Provide delivery of all financial reporting within stated timeframes

•Provide analysis of budget variances when requested

•Keep all Board members informed of their association's affairs

•Provide delivery of delinquency reports within stated timeframes

•Keep all Board members informed of current laws and statutes

•Keep all Board members informed of new laws and statutes

•Organize offsite facilities for Board meetings when requested


•Prompt and timely responses to members' concerns and problems

•Any member issues not resolved during initial communication (or discussion) are logged and subject to regular status checks until closed

•Mail information to members as required or when requested

•Effective collection of Association fees

•Accounts payable and receivable handled in a timely manner

•Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) enforcement

•Execution of notices and procedures of Delinquency within stated timeframes

•Maintenance of Association records

•Maintain certificates of insurance

service agreement

•Minutes to be produced and distributed within five business days of any meeting

•Month-end financial reporting to be produced and made available by the 20th day of the following month

•Questions or concerns raised by members should be responded to within one business day

•Delinquency notification to be strictly enforced as specified in the Association's documents

•Accounts Payable will be processed on the 15th and 30th day of the month (or nearest preceding business day)

•Accounts Receivable processed and deposited daily

•Draft budgets will be prepared at least 3 months prior to the end of your fiscal year (based on year to date actual)

•Inspection of the common areas will be completed monthly by an Montage Community Services employee

montage community services

professional property management

on-time and accurate reporting and record keeping

on-time and accurate reporting and record keeping


on-time and accurate reporting and record keeping

on-time and accurate reporting and record keeping

on-time and accurate reporting and record keeping



on-time and accurate reporting and record keeping